Marketing strategy

If your growth isn’t what you thought it would be, perhaps your strategy needs work. We can provide an in-depth review of your customer segmentation, market positioning, channel strategy and marketing mix. The goal is to move from a product-centric, company-out strategy to a customer-centric, outcome-based strategy that delivers results and stronger growth.

As your company adapts its strategy to meet the changes in the market, we can also provide the change management and leadership to ensure the transformation is successful.

Sales Enablement

If you find yourself responding to RFP’s where you are over-priced and under-valued, perhaps your sales techniques need to be adjusted.
Selling has changed. The customer has more information, they are making a group decision and return on investment isn’t their criteria for success. The new sales tools require reframing the customer’s problem in such a way that you have the only solution. We can help craft this new sales message and ensure when your sales people are in front of the customer, the discussion leads to a profitable win for you.

Channel Development

Your partners aren’t just product resellers anymore. Have your programs changed to reflect this? We can review your program with the goal of aligning your programs to the changes required to be more successful with today’s solution providers. Managed services, adoption services along with maintenance services are becoming critical for a solution provider’s success. Your programs must address these changes and provide your partners the ability to be successful offering these services.

With the changes in purchasing behavior, have your partner sales materials changed to adapt? Just as your sales tools need to change to adapt to the new buying process, you need to extend this capability to your partners. Enabling your partners with new selling tools can be a powerful mechanism for driving growth.


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