Product Launches


The key to a successful launch is to firmly establish the product's position in its target market. An improperly positioned product confuses the customer and results in lost sales and diminished profits. Positioning requires understanding your product's entire market and targeting the segment that is the best match for both the product and your company's sales goals. Then when the product is introduced to the target market, it must be positioned as the ideal solution for the customer.

Manifest Marketing helps you assess your product's entire market, determine its target market segment and create a marketing plan that positions it to win. The plan includes a marketing communications program, a pricing analysis, and a product strategy designed to eclipse the competition.


Problem: A service company planned to launch a new product into the retail channel. While they had experience selling services through their retail outlet, they needed help in determining the best way to launch a new type of service outside of their company-owned stores.

Solution: A survey was conducted to determine how the new service ranked against competing services. We also performed a reseller analysis and learned that many major resellers were already offering similar services from a competitor. Using information obtained through the survey and the analysis, a strategy was developed that identified optimal price points, partnering opportunities, and a prioritized reseller list.